I began working in glass in 2000. I started out blowing glass and then moved into fusing and casting. I have worked at both Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY and Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield, CT. My studio is an old shed at the rear of my property in Pound Ridge, NY.

In college I trained as a medievalist and developed a serious interest in how the artisans of that time tried to capture light and then used it to reflect the wonders of their universe. Optics was a heavily fought over topic among medieval philosophers as many saw it as revelatory of the divine. For me, it was more about light streaming in windows and radiating, sometime pulsing, on stone floors giving the surrounding world a shimmering sense of intensity.


In working with glass my main goal is to create a sense of balance between color and form. I look to many 20th century artists for direction: Matisse, Newman, Flavin, Judd and Kelly.

I also find rhythm in nature and try to recreate it. Rhythm is all important, it's the pulse of the universe. It is how we breath, how we remember things. It is one of the two essential components of music, the other being tone. I see my work as making music with glass, using color as the tonal component. One can get lost in the color as one can get lost in the tones of music.


I love glass as a medium. It changes shape only at very high temperatures, then once cooled it does not bend. If asked to, it shatters. It's full of the contradictions one finds in the struggle to make sense of life. It is opaque and translucent at the same time. It is solid, yet it can be seen through, it is strong, yet it can break.

The following galleries carry selected pieces of my work:
- Access Artisans, New York, NY
- Brookfield Craft Center Gallery, Brookfield, CT
- Gallery 423, Columbus, IN   812.372.4233

Recent Exhibitions

- "Homecoming", September 2005, Gallery 423, Columbus, IN
- Washington Art Association, Washington, CT
- White Silo, New Milford, CT



Thanks to Linda Banks and Marty Kremer for help and encouragement and to the women of the Group of Seven for laughter and support. A special thanks to my husband and sons, Alan, Ben and Andrew, for allowing the use of their name!  And a thanks to you, Kate, for just being.


The Melting Glass Company and Elizabeth G. Miller